The following are examples of when a building permit is required. Please contact your municipality and our office for further inquiries to your specific project.

  • New building construction (residential, commercial, industrial) greater than 10 m2,
  • garages and carports,
  • decks (in some locations decks not more than 600mm above the adjacent ground surface may not need building permits, please contact your municipality),
  • modular homes,
  • renovations, alterations and additions to an existing building,
  • demolition of an existing building,
  • relocation of an existing building (note that a relocation inspection may be required. Please contact your municipality),
  • basement development in a dwelling unit,
  • Wood burning fireplaces, stoves and heaters,
  • retaining walls where the wall is retaining more than 42” of grade,
  • change of use or occupancy of a building,
  • work to remedy an unsafe condition or building official’s order, and
  • temporary buildings.

For information on radon gas please click on the following links:

Note that any remedial work due to high radon levels does require a building permit.

  • No projection of roof soffit above exposing building face is permitted within 0.45 m of property line.
  • Where roof soffits project to less than 1.2 m from the property line, the centre line of a lane or public thoroughfare or imaginary line between two buildings or fire compartment on the same property, osffits above exposing building face must have:
    • No Openings, and,
    • or protected by unvented aluminum
    • or 12.7 mm gypsum soffit board or gypsum ceiling board
    • or 11 mm thick plywood or lumber
    • or 12.5 mm thick OSB or Wafterboard.